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Tour Experience

Aerial shot of paths in Harvard Yard with sunlight and shadows of trees

Aerial shot of Harvard Yard. Courtesy of TimeStamp Media

Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery: Tour Experience

The Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery Tour Experience explores Harvard University’s entanglements with the institution of slavery through a 10-stop tour in Cambridge, MA.

You can experience the tour entirely online via the links on this page, or you can use the app on your personal device to guide you when you visit the stops in person.

The stops on the tour reexamine familiar campus terrain, providing an opportunity to learn about a part of Harvard’s history that has long been hidden in plain sight. In addition, the tour elevates stories of Black women and men whose resistance and leadership have shaped the University—and our nation. The app also offers an opportunity to reflect on the history presented through a selection of curated art.

We welcome members of the Harvard community—and others—to learn more about the Harvard & the Legacy initiative and how the history and legacy of enslavement can be traced in our physical environment.

Please note: Although the tour is available on iOS, some users have reported minor issues. If you experience problems with the "iOS App" version, we recommend that you choose the "Web Experience" below, which may provide a more user-friendly experience.

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