A screenshor from the Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery film shows Medical School students in the early 1900s

Explore the Report of the Presidential Committee on Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery and related materials, including a short documentary film that introduces the reports historical findings, a walking tour that traces Harvard's landscape of enslavement, and A Legacy of Leadership: Profiles of Early African American Alumni of Harvard and Radcliffe.

As you do so, also consider the critical questions: What must we now do, and how can we ensure that the revelation of this painful history inspires renewed commitment to institutional reform, to community engagement, and to our highest aspirations as a community of learning?

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Report of the Presidential Committee on Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery

Harvard’s motto, Veritas, inscribed on gates, doorways, and sculptures all over campus, demands of us truth. This report, prepared by the Presidential Committee on Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery, advances our quest for truth through scholarship about the University’s historic ties to slavery—direct, financial, and intellectual.

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Tombstone in Mt. Auburn Cemetery that reads, “Here lyes ye body of Cecily, negro, late servant to ye Reverend Mr. William Brattle. She died April 8, 1714, being 13 years old.”

In Memory

Between 1636 and 1783, more than 70 individuals were enslaved by Harvard leaders, faculty, and staff. May we honor their memory, and the memory of all the enslaved women, men, and children whose labor generated wealth that helped create the Harvard we know today.

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